Soft Alcohol Ink Backgrounds

I have all of these alcohol inks in my stash but I never use them. One of the reason is that I only bought the inks (and some mixatives) and when using them on yupo you only get very colorful results. And I felt that my backgrounds was so over powering, I wanted a more soft alcohol ink background.

But a little while ago I picked some Alcohol Blending Solution and a alcohol ink air blower and I finally found some time to play with them. And it was so much fun! The only regret I have is that I didn’t pick up more yupo paper, as now I’m all out and I just want to make more backgrounds!

To get soft backgrounds there is a couple of things you want to do. The first is pour a nice blob of alcohol blending solution on your yupo, this will help the ink move faster (it’s like when you cover your watercolor cardstock in water before going in with your watercolors). Then you add a drop or two of your ink of choice and then start blowing. When you gotten a nice layer started you can add alloys and continue to blow around the ink and the alloys. A little goes a long way. For more tips see the video!

Which background was your favorite? My favorite is a tie between the Mermaid one and the Indigo one.

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Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Gumball: SSS AMZ SBC
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Fiesta: SSS AMZ SBC
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Flamingo: SSS AMZ
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Dandelion: SSS AMZ SBC
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Valencia: SSS AMZ
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Indigo: SSS AMZ SBC
Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks Mermaid: SSS AMZ SBC
Alcohol Blending Solution: SSS AMZ SBC
Alcohol Ink Air Blower: SSS AMZ SBC
Tim Holtz Yupo Paper 5 x 7: SSS AMZ SBC
Ranger Liquid Platinum Embossing Powder: SSS AMZ SBC
MFT Straight from the Heart: MFT SSS
MFT Im So in Love with You, Still: MFT SSS

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