What is my favorite color combination for copic markers?

I can’t say I have one specific one, my favorite colors depends on season, mood and really anything. Even if I end up choosing the same markers, I usually pick up markers from Sandy Allnocks Hexchart, to match papers or mood.

Which markers should I start out with?

I would recommend starting out with your favorite color and build combinations from that, you will be using your markers more if you feel drawn to the colors. Also this depends on which kind coloring you are going for, but if it’s characters, pick a color combination that is close to your own skin, it makes the shadowing easier.

What printer do you use?

For all my copic coloring of digital stamps I use a Canon Pixma TS6220 as it works great for any alcohol markers, the trick is to set it to black and white in the settings, as then it will use the black ink to print. If you just print a black and white image without setting it in the settings, it will “make” a black with all the colors and that might smear.

What equipment do you use to record your videos?

I record all my videos on a Canon 70D with a Sigma 17-70 lens, the camera is mounted on a Manfrotto tripod, and I have two softboxes for light. I edit in Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Book Pro and my voice-overs are recorded with a Blue Snowball Mic.