5 ways to tint embossing paste

In todays video I’m showing you 5 ways to tint your embossing paste. I love experimenting with the materials I have in my craft room, trying to extend them as much as possible. One way of doing that is to go for the white and transparent mediums first and then use the coloring materials you already have in your craftroom to get all the colors you want. I choose five coloring mediums, some of them are new in my craft room and some are old and rarely used. I’ve choosen to sort of stay in one color group both because it makes it easier to compare, but also so I could easier make all of them in to similar cards.

While I’m using Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste, you can try this with any texture paste. A little disclaimer though, the packaging says to use waterbased dyes, and the first test I did was with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks, and it turned out great for me, but I can’t promise it will work with any other kinds of pastes. So if you test this with your own pastes, try it with a smaller batch and not on your main project, to make sure that the paste dryes as it should.

My first test was with the Mermaid Alcohol Ink by Tim Holtz. I love the color it created and it was very easy to make a nice blend with it.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with alcohol ink.

The second test was with Sublime Alcohol Pearl Ink, and even tho the pearl effect didn’t come through, it seems like it broke down and made these beautiful speckles with in the paste.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with alcohol pearl ink.

The third test is with the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours in the color Cobalt Turquoise Light. This was not only the easiest to blend, but it was also the most potent, needing least added color.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with winsor & newton professional watercolours.

The fourth medium is Gelato in the color Cotton Candy. I ended up doing two test with this, I still count it as one way though. I started off by cutting a little bit of gelato off and then mix it directly into the paste, I call it dry blending. It took a lot of time, and I finally gave up letting it have small speckles of the unblended gelato in the paste.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with dry blended gelato.

So I decided to try it again, this time blending the gelato with water first. This made a big difference reducing the speckles to almost nothing. I think if I’ve been more patient it might not had any speckles.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with wet blended gelato.

For the fifth and final test I wanted to see if I could get the matte & white paste a little more pearlescent, so I added a very new addition to my craft room. Some Nuvo Mica Mist in the color Silver Smoke. I’m sad to say that it really didn’t do anything but give it a very light grey tint. But I did like the grey, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Stenciled embossing paste tinted with nuvo mica mist.

For some final words, I loved playing around mixing different things and I recommend you doing it too. Have you tinted paste before? What kind of materials have you used?


E40, E41, E42, T0, T2, B21, B32, B24, R35

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