Hi Guys!

Marika here with a new card! It’s my dads birthday tomorrow and of course I’m late out as usual. But I did want to make him a special card, and as he loves birds I just had to use the gorgeous Woodpecker. He comes as this and with a tree trunk, but I wanted to make a more abstract distress ink smooshed background, where the tree is more an idea than something solid.

I also chose to use a very tiny sentiment so that the woodpecker got to be in focus.

For more insight how I did it, you can watch the video below.

White: Y000, Y000, C0, C2
Black: C6, C8, C10, 110, B63, B66, B69
Beak: B60, B63, B66, B69
Talons: W00, W2, W4
Red: R12, R05, R08


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