Skin Tutorial

Hi Guys!

The long awaited skin tutorial is here! And with everything that has been long awaited I kind of are a little bit scared that you will be let down. That this is not at all what you wanted. So I really appreciate any tips and ideas that I can take with me to the next colouring tutorial that I make, and also please tell me if there is any other tutorials that you would like to see.


Todays image is a gorgeous one by The Greeting Farm, sadly this stamp-set was retired ages ago but it is one of those sets that I just can’t let go of.


One of the biggest tip I can give you when starting out colouring skin, find a combination that is close to your own skin. We all see out reflections everyday and even if we don’t think about it we do register how light falls on us. It will be easier to colour with colours that we are exposed to everyday. When ever I colour other colour skin I use reference images, it helps me figure out how to best represent other colours. Hope this video help you out.

1 thought on “Skin Tutorial”

  1. I really enjoyed your skin tutorial, especially the tip about using your lightest color to map shadows! I am very new to Copics and have learned a lot watching your videos.
    If I lay down a base coat, the highlights get darker every time I go over them to blend. So I started not basecoating and just coloring dark to light, so I still have highlights when I am done.
    Thanks for sharing!


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