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You’re My Bestie | Watercolor Background

Hi Everyone, did you like my dragon last week? I had so much fun creating it, and while looking for a image to use for that card I came across the image I’m using in todays card.

The stamp I’m using is called Sam’s Lizard and is by Make It Crafty, I used the same technique for the scales on the lizard as for the the dragon on last weeks card. I fell in love with the adorable face of Sam and I do not color enough guys or make enough guy cards.

The whole card is in neutral tones, which both works great for male cards but also lends it self for more storybookesk cards. I colored Sam and his Lizard with Copic Markers and added details with a couple of pencils. You really don’t need a full set of pencils, you can come very far with just 12 pen set if you are just using it for details like these, but if you are like me you might want them all.

I knew I wanted to have a very soft background, I was thinking sitting on a wooden dock by the water, but couldn’t find a good digi for it, and then I dawned on me that I wanted the stone wall. So I googled stonewalls to find different sorts, decided on what kind I wanted and sketched one up on my watercolor cardstock. Using watercolors for soft backgrounds are great, they give those soft and watery colors. I have a small 12 pan Winsor & Newton Cotman set, you really don’t need more and it’s a great way to get into watercolors as they are the “student” set and are actually quite affordable.

To get a cohesive look I started off by mixing a grey tone, this set doesn’t have a black, but it’s quite easy to blend together a greyish tone, I used a cold blue and a orangey red to get a purply grey. Then for every color I then add a little of that color and it ended up being really cohesive. I even colored the chipboard sentiment with the same colors to make it tie in.

And you really don’t need any fancy things either to watercolor, the smaller brush I’m using is a Cotman brush and really affordable and then I’m using a IKEA 365+ plate to mix on, have found that I really enjoy mixing on porcelain as the colors have a tendency to bead on plastic but they flow on porcelain.

If you want to see how I created the whole card I have both the card video and the real-time coloring video, you can choose which ever you like the best, or watch both if you want.

Skin: E50, E00, E21, E11, E04, R30, R32
Hair: E41, E42, E43, E44
Clothes; E42, E43, E44, E47, T0, T2, T4, 0
Lizard YG01, YG03, YG25, Y17, Y35


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