30 Day Coloring Challenge – Tips & Tricks

Hi Everyone!

The 30 Day Coloring Challenge starts today! Kathy from The Daily Marker started this a couple of years ago and this is the 9th one she is hosting. It’s a wonderful challenge just to make you take a little time everyday to color.

I have joined in with every one of them, but it wasn’t until this last one (nr 8th) that I finally was able to finish it completely. You don’t have to do it daily to join in, but if you are like me and like a challenge here are some tips and tricks on how I was able to finish it.

1. Go small

I choose 30 images that was small enough to be finished in 10-15 min. I personally have a hard time to share half done images, there is nothing wrong with sharing half done images is that I personally want to share fully coloured images. So this helped a lot.

2. Choose a theme

Last time I chose Halloween as a theme to help me narrow down my stamp choices, this time around my theme is recently acquired stamps from MFT. Narrowing down the theme ahead of time saves you time for choosing the images and leaves more time to color.

3. Use a comfort medium

I’ve chosen to only do my challenge colouring with copic alcohol markers. This removes a lot of the pressure that I can feel when it comes to color choices and how to use them, copic being one of those mediums that I worked with a lot and is comfortable with. So choose the medium that you are most comfortable with.

4. Have fun and don’t stress about it!

But my biggest tip is have fun and don’t stress about it, it is a challenge, a challenge to take that me time everyday and do something that calms you and makes you happy!

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