Need Coffee?

Hi Guys!

I’m back! After having a bad and a good month with almost no crafting, it started with an accident, accidentally pouring a pan of boiling water over my right hand. Then my SLE decided to flare up. But I have finished april with going away to Greece for a week and had some really needed RnR. And now I’m back and hopefully I will be able to keep up with my posting.

Todays card was a thank you card for my friend who was taking care of my wonderful little kitties while I was in Greece. The colour scheme was taken from a colour challenge over at the Create A Smile Facebook group, I just loved the combination and when I found that I had the perfect papers for it I was on a roll. This card is a pocket card made to fit some instant chocolate bags, was supposed to be coffee but didn’t have any at home.

Monster: RV21, RV25, RV29
Claws & Horns: Y04, Y15, Y17
Eyes & Teeth: B60, B63
Mouth: RV69, RV29



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