You’re out of this world!

Hi Guys!

This is a card that has been in my mind for weeks and I finally got to make it. I tried recording a video on it last week, but ended up not liking the end result. So I let it grew in my mind for a couple of days and retried it this weekend. I really like how it turned out! Had a lot of fun playing with the background, I wasn’t sure it would work but I just had to try, and this is something I recommend you al to do to. Not sure if it works? Try it, it’s only paper and paint (or ink in this case). My best work has come from trying new things, and seeing if I can make the material work in my favour.

This card is using the same stamp set that I used over at My Favorite Things Stamp Blog last week, didn’t know I was guesting? Hope on over to their blog and/or youtube and watch my video, I tried a very fun three layered stenciling technique.

Black, White, Burnt Sienna, Sanguine, Terracotta, Payne’s Grey, Cold Grey II, IV, V, Silver, Middle Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue-Greenish, Helioblue-Reddish, Cadmium Red, Pale Geranium Lake



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