Amelia’s Puppy

With the colouring challenge over at Make It Colourful being portraits I’ve been colouring loads of them, and using Zoes Colouring Faces tutorial I feel that I’m getting better at it. I just love the tutorials as it helps with colouring in any medium and mixed in with all the information there is always loads of small tips and tricks about colouring in general. Todays Portrait is actually a full size character that I have cut in half and then added a border to, it is called Amelia’s Puppy and isn’t it adorable! And if you buy the tutorial she is one of the stamps that is included. I also added a background that looked liked the background in school photos back when I was little, in the 80s.

Skin: BV11, E11, E21, E00, E000, R32, R30
Eyes: E23, E27, E49
Hair: YR16, YR07, E09, E18
Puppy: E70, E71, E74, E77
Sweater: G14, G05, G09, G29
Shirt: W00, W1, W3
Background: BV02, BV01, V01, RV00, RV000



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