Unicorn Box

At the office I work at, we are devided into smaller work groups, and the one I work in is called Unicorn. So when I found these adorable unicorn duckies I just had to buy some for my co-workers. And ofcourse I couldn’t just give them as they were, I needed a handcraft box to give it in. I really loved how they turned out so I wanted to show you how I made them. Hope you like them as much as I do.

To make the box you need a piece of cardstock measuring 7 1/2″ by 11 3/8″. You want to score it, on the 11 3/8″ side at: 2 3/8″, 4 1/2″, 6 7/8″, 9″. And on the 7 1/2″ side at: 2 3/8, 5 1/8″.

BG02, BG05, BG07
R22, R24, R29
Y00, Y04, Y08
YR02, YR04, YR09
V12, V15, V17
YG05, YG07, YG09
T0, T1, T2, T4, T6, T8



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